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Pillow Saxx Large 3.5ft Floor Cushion for Kids

Pillow Saxx Large 3.5ft Floor Cushion for Kids, Teens, and Adults
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  • Vibrant and Fun – Choose from a wide range of bright colors and faux furs to light up any room.
  • Large size – Measuring 44” long, this floor pillow is an ample 3 ½ feet.
  • Supreme Comfort – Filled with soft micro-cushions for cozy, adaptable support.
  • Safe and Secure – Features a breakaway zipper on the inner liner for added safety.
  • Easy to Clean – Comes with a removable, machine-washable cover for hassle-free maintenance.
  • Versatile Use – Perfect for reading, napping, playing, and imaginative adventures.

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The Jaxx Pillow Saxx 3ft Floor Cushion for Kids is a burst of color and comfort for every child's playtime and relaxation! Crafted with a delightful array of bright fabrics and plush faux furs, this pillow is more than just a cozy spot; it's a canvas for creativity. Inside, thousands of soft micro-cushions adapt to your child’s every move, offering unparalleled comfort. Safety is paramount, so our Pillow Saxx has an inner liner featuring a breakaway zipper, making it tamper-proof for curious little hands. Maintenance is a breeze with a removable and machine-washable cover, ensuring the Pillow Saxx stays fresh and vibrant, just like your child's imagination.

Imagine your child's bedroom or playroom transformed into a haven of fun and relaxation with the Jaxx Pillow Saxx. This versatile piece is perfect for reading a favorite book, taking a dreamy nap, or creating a make-believe fortress. It's a crash pad for their energetic playtime, a snug cocoon for movie nights, and a comforting companion for afternoon daydreams. The Pillow Saxx is more than just a pillow; it's a playmate, a protector, and a piece of home that supports your child through every leap, laugh, and lull.

Let the Jaxx Pillow Saxx be the cornerstone of your child's magical space, fostering comfort, creativity, and endless fun!


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Fill MaterialPremium Shredded Ecofoam
Dimensions34" x 44" x 13"
Weight10 Lbs