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Cocoon 6ft Oversized Bean Bag Chair

Cocoon 6ft Oversized Bean Bag Chair
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  • Giant Bean Bag Experience - 6ft Cocoon isn't just big, it's monumental! Dive deep into this giant bean bag and feel the unmatched plushness that awaits.

  • Versatile Comfort - Want a bed? Lay it flat. Would you prefer a chair? Turn it on its side. Whether hosting a guest, gaming, reading, or succumbing to an unexpected nap, this oversized bean bag adjusts to your every desire.

  • Prime Home Movie Theatre Seating - Your movie nights will never be the same! The Cocoon delivers an unbeatable home movie theatre seating experience, every time.

  • Easy Maintenance - Accidental spill during a thriller? No stress! Its cover can be effortlessly slipped off and tossed into your washing machine.

  • Kid and Pet Friendly -  Designed with families in mind, it's the perfect addition to any room and resilient to the little surprises kids and pets bring.

  • High-Quality Materials - Crafted with love, passion, and the softest materials, ensuring every lounging session feels like a dream.

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The Ultimate Home Movie Theatre Seating Experience: The 6ft Cocoon Giant Bean Bag!

Ever felt that your home theatre or living space was missing that je ne sais quoi? Meet the Jaxx 6ft Cocoon  – the giant bean bag quickly becoming the coveted piece every home craves. Dive into its plush softness and experience lounging on a scale you've never imagined.

With the majestic Cocoon 6ft Beanbag, opportunities for relaxation are limitless! Be it serving as an impromptu guest bed, becoming your prime oversized bean bag chair for gaming, an idyllic reading nook, or even those unanticipated napping havens (we totally get it!), this Cocoon doesn’t just fit in – it takes charge! Unexpected guest at your door? Bam, it's a bed! Epic movie night? Grab your popcorn and sink into the comfiest home movie theatre seating around.

In this day and age, where comfort rules, no domain (be it a living room, bedroom, or dedicated entertainment space) feels whole without this gargantuan slice of heaven. So, what’s the hold-up? Add the excitement, luxury, and irrefutable comfort of the Cocoon Bean Bag to your setting now!

Remember, life’s too short for uncomfortable furniture. Make every moment count and every spot the coziest spot in the house. 


More Information

Microsuede - Premium faux suede - 100% polyester

LinerPolyester liner
ZipperBreakaway childproof zipper
Fill MaterialPolyurethane Foam Micro-Cushions
Washing InstructionsMachine wash cover in cold water and tumble dry on low heat. Fluff as needed

Flat Position: 72"Diameter x 12"H

Chair Position (On Side): 58"D x 48"W x 40"H

Weight50 Lbs