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Panelist 11" Rectangular Padded Wall Panels (4pk)

Panelist 11" Rectangular Padded Wall Panels (4pk)
As low as $155.00
  • Customize your interior with the Panelist 11" Rectangular Padded Wall Panels for configurable design possibilities
  • Use as a headboard, accent wall, or bench backing for a modern touch
  • Four panels are included in the set, along with installation kit
  • For queen-size headboards, opt for 30” x 11” panels; choose 38” x 11” for king-size
  • Reduce ambient noise and dampen intrusive sounds
  • Stain-guarded, durable fabric and dense foam padding ensure longevity
  • Directional fabric with light or dark shade depending on orientation
  • Quick and easy installation

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Peerless Decor Panels


Panelist redefines the world of interior design by introducing customizable decor wall cushions, offering homeowners a gateway to an array of boundless design possibilities. These versatile cushions cater to your creative spirit, granting you the power to transform your living space with posh and stylish results. 

The beauty of Panelist lies in its adaptability, allowing your interior arrangements to evolve and refresh as often as your design cravings strike. Panelist’s pile fabric is directional, meaning that you can select the lighter or darker orientation. Blend the panels seamlessly or create striking contrast for eye-catching arrangements. 

Each set includes FOUR 11” Rectangular Wall Panels. These panels are a perfect fit for queen-size beds, measuring 30” x 11” to create stunning headboards. If you have a king-size bed, our 38” x 11” panels provide the ideal width. Beyond the bedroom, these panels find their purpose as accent walls in home offices and as backings for farm tables or booth-style seating. Add 22” Square Panels to create unique, exciting new configurations. Limitless design options at your fingertips!

Premium materials and quality craftsmanship ensure the longevity of your Panelist. Dense foam padding offers support and noise absorption, while the FibreGuard treated micro velvet is soil and stain resistant . Our experty-engineered installation kit is designed to let your reconfigure easily and withstand years of use.

What sets Panelist apart is its straightforward installation process, designed to be accessible to DIY enthusiasts of all skill levels. Whether your walls are plaster, drywall, or any other type, Panelist effortlessly adapts. With the included installation kit, setup is quick and hassle-free for a fresh interior look in as little as 15 minutes. 

With Panelist, the elegant world of interior design is now within reach, bringing your creative visions to life.

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Printed Microvelvet polyester, with FibreGuard (soil & stain resistant) 

Our easy-clean fabrics are green-conscious.

FibreGuard combines the latest Stain-Free Technology with stylish, high-quality furnishing fabrics to ensure easy clean low maintenance, with a long lasting look and feel. Our extensive variety of performance fabrics have a luxurious soft touch, and are available in numerous beautiful designs and colours.

Fill MaterialPolyurethane Foam
Washing Instructions

Spot clean only

Dimensions30"L x 11.25"H (4-pack) 38"L x 11.25"H (4 pack)