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Environmental Responsibility

Made in USA

When Jaxx was started, we had a unique opportunity to do things right. The idea was to create a locally manufactured product, using locally sourced up-cycled material.

One of the defining qualities of Jaxx bean bags and furniture is our ECOFOAM. This stuff isn’t great just because of its high degree of comfiness, it’s also helping us be more environmentally responsible.

We save ECOFOAM from becoming landfill fodder. It starts as unused scraps from local furniture manufacturers and we up-cycle it to turn it into stuffing. Because we take it from other local companies we cut down on the amount of fuel used to get the foam to us. Because it’s foam and can spring back to life, we are able to vacuum compress all our Jaxx products for delivery which saves on shippings costs for you and lowers our own carbon footprint.

For our firm foam indoor and outdoor furniture pieces that don’t utilize ECOFOAM, we’re still able to use our revolutionary vacuum compression process to reduce the entire product down for shipping. The smaller sized packages means more furniture can go out the factory per pallet cutting down on our environmental impact..

But we’re not the only ones who have taken notice to our efforts to become more green. As of 2012, Jaxx is now a member of the Sustainable Furnishing Council, a group of furniture manufactures helping to make the industry more sustainable.

Making designer bean bags and furniture is great, but doing what we can to protect the world we live in is even better. It gives us a certain sense of accomplishment we’re very proud of.