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Sustainable Comfort

When Jaxx was started, we had a unique opportunity to do things right. The idea was to create products that every family could enjoy. Our vision of incorporating the smart use of resources along with our inspired designs have allowed Jaxx to become a world-class brand in casual fashion beanbags, modular sofas and kids seating.

Jaxx prides itself on combining design and technology to create the best seats in the house. We are always finding new ways of becoming a more sustainable brand. One of the defining qualities of Jaxx is that our bean bags are crafted with high-quality, up-cycled polyurethane foam and when processed into micro-cushions offers a high degree of comfiness.  

We are proud of our ability to manufacture world-class bean bags that keep everyone, from adults to kids, cradled in complete comfort. It all starts with the unused foam trim provided by our factory and the local resource of sofa manufacturers. Jaxx has come up with an environmentally friendly practice of using up-cycled polyurethane foam and turning it into springy blended micro-cushions for our bean bags. For our solid foam sofas and loungers, Jaxx uses only the best in furniture-grade polyurethane foam.

Jaxx uses innovative vacuum compression technology that reduces shipping size by 2/3 without damaging the foam components. The smaller sized packaging means more bean bags and loungers can go out the factory per pallet cutting down on our environmental impact. Plus, this roll compression helps save on shipping costs and lowers our overall carbon footprint.

But we’re not the only ones who have taken notice of our efforts to become more sustainable. As of 2012, Jaxx is now a member of the Sustainable Furnishing Council, a group of furniture manufactures helping to make the industry more environmentally friendly.

Manufacturing fashion bean bags and modular seating in our own Atlanta factory is great, but doing what we can to protect the world we live in is even better. It gives us a certain sense of accomplishment and we’re very proud of that!