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Cocoon 4ft

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  • Cozy bean bag envelopes the body when used as a chair and provides low-profile comfort when laid flat
  • Premium foam blend filling is the perfect combination of supportive and cushy
  • Cover is removable and machine-washable for easy-peasy cleaning
  • Durable inner liner keeps your bean bag safe from spills
  • Breakaway childproof zipper keeps foam filling out of reach for curious kids and pets

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Kids are always on the go—which is why the Cocoon Mini Bean Bag is the perfect place for their many activities. Laid flat it’s a crash pad with room to sit in comfort and spread all their toys. When flipped it on its side, they can be tucked into a nook of soft foam, perfect for reading. Then flip the bag back up so it sits like a regular bean bag and you have the perfect movie lounger.

Children can be impossible to satisfy.

Yes, as we grow older we still enjoy variety and prefer alternatives, but as a kid, you literally cannot sit still long enough to focus and be sated by only one choice.

Take our little niece Chloe. Chloe is awesome. But Chloe is a kid, which means she is non-stop.

When we have to watch Chloe we try to centralize her bedlam. It’s impossible. We’re watching a movie and she has to be on the couch. If she’s reading a book she’s in her bed. If she has any sort of toy she is spread out over blankets on the floor.

This somehow makes the already exhausting task of watching Chloe more tiring. That gave us the idea of scaling down one of our favorite multiuse bean bags, the Cocoon, to Chloe size.

Next time we went to watch the little rugrat she was in heaven. We laid it flat as a crash pad and she had room to sit in comfort and spread out all her toys. When we flipped it on its side she could tuck herself into a little nook and read while engulfed in foam. Then all we had to do is flip the bag back up so it sat like a regular bean bag and Chloe was smitten with a new movie lounger.

At the end of the day, was Chloe in love with her new Cocoon Jr. and we weren’t near as worn out as we usually were. That doesn’t mean we didn’t go directly home and pass out though. Kids are exhausting.


Product Dimensions: 48" x 48" x 12" Weight: 21 Lbs.

Set-Up Instructions

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Microsuede - Premium faux suede - 100% polyester

Denim - 100% cotton, American-made denim

LinerPolyester liner with childproof zipper

Microsuede - Hidden Black Zipper 

Denim - Brass Zipper

Fill MaterialPremium Shredded Ecofoam
Washing Instructions

Machine wash cold

Tumble dry low

Dimensions45" x 45" x 16"
Weight21 Lbs