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Zenzi Paisley Twin Sleeper Sofa

Zenzi Paisley Twin Sleeper Sofa
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  • Transform the Zenzi Sleeper Sofa effortlessly from a stylish 2-seater to a snug twin bed.
  • Experience relaxation on resilient high-density foam that maintains its shape. 
  • Ideal for small living areas, this sofa offers essential space efficiency without sacrificing comfort.
  • Delight your guests with a welcoming, comfortable bed, a superior alternative to air mattresses or basic sofa beds.
  • Select from three shades of velvety-smooth Paisley fabrics to suit your style and enhance your space's decor. 
  • The easily washable cover keeps your Zenzi Sleeper Sofa looking new and welcoming. 
  • With a moisture-resistant lining, it's an excellent option for homes with pets or children.

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Discover the Zenzi Sleeper Sofa: Your Key to a Chic, Multi-Functional Space!


Elevate your home with the Zenzi Sleeper Sofa, a perfect blend of style, convenience, and space efficiency. Ideal for small apartments, lofts, or limited spaces, this 2-seat sofa is a game-changer for those who value both aesthetics and functionality.


Prioritizing your comfort, the Zenzi Sleeper Sofa features high-density foam that effortlessly transforms from a cozy sofa into a twin-size bed. Forget the days of offering guests subpar sleeping arrangements on air mattresses or poor-quality sofa beds. The durable foam provides a stable, comfortable sleeping surface that won't sag or lose its shape, ensuring a restful night's sleep for you or your guests.


We've meticulously crafted every aspect of this sofa for your satisfaction. Along with two complementary pillows that enhance its modern look, the Zenzi Sleeper Sofa includes a machine-washable cover for effortless upkeep. The moisture-resistant liner is an added bonus, offering protection against spills and mishaps, making it a practical choice for families, pet owners, or anyone seeking durability and ease.


Perfect for movie nights or daytime relaxation, the Zenzi Sleeper Sofa fits seamlessly into any decor. Its sleek designWe  adds a fashionable touch to your space.


Move beyond limited space solutions and compromise on style or functionality. The Zenzi Sleeper Sofa presents the best of both worlds: a stylish sofa by day and a comfortable twin-size bed at night. Transform your living area with the Zenzi Sleeper Sofa, the ultimate symbol of comfort, versatility, and chic design.

Zenzi Convertible Twin Sleeper Sofa Features 1
Versatile design transforms from sofa to a twin-size bed
Includes two matching pillows for added comfort and style
Machine-washable cover for effortless cleaning and maintenance
Moisture-resistant liner protects against spills and stains
Folded: 30.5” x 75” x20” 
Seat Depth: 21.5


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Washing Instructions

Machine wash cold, low dry

DimensionsTwin bed: 39” x 75” x10” Folded: 30.5” x 75” x20” Seat Depth: 21.5" Seat Width: 58"