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Jaxx Ecofoam is our furniture-grade up-cycled shredded foam. Replace your old foam, add a little extra, or have a foam party and fill your whole room!  Perfect for old bean bag refill or replacement.

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Delivered vacuum compressed.  Learn more about our
eco-compressed packaging
and product set-up tips

Standard fill rate guide:

Club Jr - 8 lb.

Pillowsaxx Jr. - 10 lb.

Cocoon Jr. - 18 lb.

Sofa Saxx Jr. - 18 lb.

Saxx Jr. / Mini Saxx - 20 lb.

Game Saxx 4' - 30 lb.

Pillowsaxx - 30 lb.

Pivot - 30 lb.

Metro Saxx 5' - 40 lb.

Cocoon 6' - 50 lb.

Sofa Saxx 6' - 60 lb.

Sofa Saxx 7.5' - 80 lb.


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SKU 10688
Fill Material Premium Shredded Ecofoam
  1. Bean Bag Refill review by African Queen on 9/25/2014

    This upgraded refill for the bean bag is ideal and definitely more compact for a bean bag comfort. I have owned bean bags for more than 20 years and I would give this type of filling an A+ in comparison to the bead refills. Good Upgrade!!!

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Jaxx Ecofoam Capsule


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