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Candler Round Couch Ottoman

Candler 36" / 48" Round Couch Ottoman - Boucle & Faux Leather
As low as $300.00
  • The Candler Ottoman does it all with style – from footrest to extra seating to chic coffee table. 
  • Choose from two sizes (36” and 48”) and two luxurious fabrics (boucle or faux leather) to match your taste and space.
  • Available in an array of chic, contemporary colors to match any decor. 
  • Sturdy solid foam construction and quality materials ensure durability.
  • With a removable, machine-washable boucle cover or easy-clean faux leather, maintenance is a breeze.

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Elevate your style with the versatile Candler Ottoman.

Part ottoman, part bench, and part coffee table, Candler satisfies all the needs of modern living. Standing at the perfect coffee table height of 16 inches, it comes in your choice of two sizes (36” and 48” in diameter), two luxurious fabrics (boucle or faux leather), and an array of contemporary colors. This ottoman caters to your individual taste and space requirements. Handcrafted from sturdy, solid, furniture-grade foam, it’s the ideal platform for drinks, notebooks, and games, with no hard edges to bump your knees on. Whether you use it as a footrest, additional seating, or a stylish coffee table centerpiece, the chic design seamlessly integrates into any living space. The removable, machine-washable boucle cover and easy-to-clean faux leather option provide practicality without compromising on style. Cozy yet chic, the Candler Ottoman is the ultimate companion for refined relaxation.

Candler Round Couch Ottoman Graphic 1
Candler Round Couch Ottoman Graphic 2
  1. 16” Coffee Table Height
  2. Dense Foam Body
  3. Soft Edges
  4. Versatile Design
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Faux Leather

Fill MaterialPolyurethane Foam
Washing Instructions

Machine-washable Boucle Cover

Easy-to-clean Faux Leather

Dimensions36” x 36” x 16” (small) | 48” x 48” x 16” (large)
Weight13 lbs (small) | 18 lbs (large)