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Jaxx Ecofoam Capsule

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Jaxx Ecofoam is our furniture-grade up-cycled shredded foam. Replace your old foam, add a little extra, or have a foam party and fill your whole room!  Perfect for old bean bag refill or replacement.

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Delivered vacuum compressed.  Learn more about our
eco-compressed packaging
and product set-up tips

Standard fill rate guide:

Club Jr - 8 lb.

Pillowsaxx Jr. - 10 lb.

Cocoon Jr. - 18 lb.

Sofa Saxx Jr. - 18 lb.

Saxx Jr. / Mini Saxx - 20 lb.

Game Saxx 4' - 30 lb.

Pillowsaxx - 30 lb.

Pivot - 30 lb.

Metro Saxx 5' - 40 lb.

Cocoon 6' - 50 lb.

Sofa Saxx 6' - 60 lb.

Sofa Saxx 7.5' - 80 lb.


SKU 10688
Fill Material Premium Shredded Ecofoam

Questions on Jaxx Ecofoam Capsule

  • From Janet at 10/24/2013 4:37 PM
    • What is Ecofoam made of? Does it contain polyurethane, which is highly flammable and when burning produces hydrogen cyanide, which is extremely toxic? Or do you have any control over that? Thank you.
    • Jaxx Ecofoam is our furniture-grade up-cycled shredded polyurethane foam. All our bean bags are in compliance with California Bulletin 117-Test Procedure and Apparatus for Testing the Flame Retardance of Resilient Filling Materials Used in Upholstered Furniture.
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  • From LeeAnn at 11/29/2014 8:02 PM
    • How much foam is recommended for "firming up" a 7 ft long bean bag chair?
    • Hello,

      Thank you for contacting us!

      We were unable to locate any information on your order. Please forward the following information to our customer service department:

      1. Your order number and or name the order was place under

      2. Pictures from different angles or the issue you are having

      Once received, one of our customer service representative will contact you. Have a great day!

      Thank You,

      Customer Service Department
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  • From AC at 8/8/2015 7:02 PM
    • Is the foam within a replacement liner so the whole package can go directly into the beanbag? Or does the foam have to be transferred from the package to our existing beanbag liner and then it will all go into the beanbag?
    • Hello,

      The Foam Capsule will go directly into the liner. You will unzip the compression bag of the foam, inside the liner, and once your foam has expanded fully, per instructions, then you can slide the cover unto your bean bag. Have yourself a great day!

      Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us through our customer service line Monday - Friday 9am -7pm EST and Saturday - 12pm- 5pm EST at 1-866-384-2802

      Thank you,

      Customer Service Department
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Customer Reviews

Bean Bag Refill

by African Queen on September 26, 2014

This upgraded refill for the bean bag is ideal and definitely more compact for a bean bag comfort. I have owned bean bags for more than 20 years and I would give this type of filling an A+ in comparison to the bead refills. Good Upgrade!!!

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