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Kids Bean Bags
  • The Jaxx Bean Bag Buying Guide - Sit on me!
  • Cocoon The Fan Favorite with two seating options: Flat like a disc and on it's side for a spacious chair Comes in 6' and 4' sizes. Seats up to two adults
  • Classic Saxx Circular Bean Bags In An Iconic Style. The 3' size is the perfect fit for one adult or kid. The 4' is ideal if you are over 6' or just like a lot of room to manuver
  • Lounger Cozy for two and spacious for one, This is a fresh take on the love seat. available in 3.5' and 5.5' to fit anyone. But your cat will probably take it over anyway.
  • Sofa Saxx Love Child between a bean bag and a couch.  7
  • Pillow Saxx The most versatile of the bags with three seating options: Flat, On its side and against a wall like a chair. comes in 3.5' and 5' sizes for kids and adults
  • Pivot A surprisingly comfortable bean bag with eye catching design. Plus width and supportive height for superior lounging that fits one adult
  • Fabric 1 microsuede. The smooth operator, better than the original suede, it cleans easily and is available in a variety of bold colors
  • Fabric 2 Plush Twill, Soft & Sophisticated. A light blend of cotton and poly with a twill grain for a polished look and feel.
  • Fabric 3 Denim - Authentic & durable from historic cone denim manufacturing. With an exposed brass zipper.